Rainforest Texts

When I look at the tropical landscape, its unbelievable richness, its variety in form and function, I realize that this is essentially important for all of us.

To rediscover that diversity, to appreciate the uniqueness of each form of life, to assure the complete development of each creature, to investigate, to create, design or make knowing the possibilities of this marvellous nature is a way. Because our Natural diversity and our Cultural diversity are interdependent, and the same.

We are only a part of life’s great adventure..

I do not believe there is any idea or way of life that justifies the unfair demand of natural resources, or the abuse of any other being, because we are only a part of life’s great adventure and of the exquisite balance that makes it possible.

If Art contributes to make us more conscious . We can be sure that we haven’t wasted our time or our work.

Blanca Moreno

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