Forest Texts

Few days ago while talking with Sara Bennet we realized that painting the tropical rainforest is in a way painting an interior space. Something similar to what it meant to the dutch painters in the 17th century painting their vital spaces. ( we can recall the marvelous Vermeer paintings). But while in their painting the laws of optics, perspective and regulartity are present, in our rainforests the irregularity, variety and vitality beat. There is always something that can happen in the forest, the metalic song of the cicades, the suden flight of a colorfull bird, mist that covers and hides all things, the eyes of a frog or a gecco that look fixedly to us…

When we are in the forest, we become a small part of its entrails, we share its breathing and there is no difference between what we see and what we are.

… There is always something that can happen in the forest..

When I was a child I was fscinated with looking inside of things, iI dreamt with x ray vision. I played with my fingers to be able to feel the whirlwinds around them, or I blew strongly to be able to move the far away leaves of the tall trees.
Years later at the same time that structures interested me in what I saw, I asked mysef how to paint the temperature tthrough color, the sound through color, the color rythm of our bodies, our spaces and our vulnerable cities.

Now when I am inside the forest I open my eyes, and I am an ancient woman…
very ancient… as the first that for the first time opens her eyes and marvels herself with vision and with what she sees..

I paint this places from the memory of them that lives inside me.

Blanca Moreno

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