Sometimes, while walking in the rain forest or navigating in the rivers we are surprised by the feeling of a numinous presence: an animal who looks at us, as we look at him, or who continues graciously his way, and in any case, makes us aware and excited.

Today we know much more about nature, but we must still try to decipher the mystery of the subtle and fascinating relations between all living beings. We have an urgent responsibility in the restoration and conservation of all ours and their habitats.

I live in a privileged region of the world. In this tropical and Andean region, it will take many generations of children, surprised and fascinated by the richness and diversity of nature, who may one day grow up, with the possibility of a better education in all the fields of knowledge, and who will create new relations, more reciprocal and collaborative between all. This may change the terrible destiny of killing each other under these prodigious trees, as it has been happening with a sustained and absurd war over the country.

If Art can contribute to create this consciousness, and if it enables us to appreciate the beauty and make us more familiar with all the creatures, animals: human and not human, plants and all the elements of this marvellous landscape, we may feel that haven´t wasted our opportunity in this planet.

This drawings of animals are the result of my fortunate encounters with them while I travel through our landscape, and they are as well a testimony of my faith in a possible future.



Blanca Moreno

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